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Hello again everyone and thanks for joining me once again for This Week In Gaming. This time around we have some exciting news from, a new(ish) offering from Nintendo, a not-so-new and not-so-wanted offering from Microsoft and developers are turning up their noses at PC. Then on the gaming side there’s a couple of exciting reveals, some updates for one of my favourite games and a whole lot of internet controversy. Plus videos, NAG highlights and general badassery. Or, you know, news. Jump jump jump.

Console News

Bad news, master race. Developers in the UK are starting to lose interest in developing for PC, with a report stating that consoles are all the rage right now.

In a survey of 100 UK-based devs, roughly half intended to develop Xbox One and Playstation 4 games in the near future. Interest in mobile development has taken a knock as well; probably because Flappy Bird made all the money with a shoestring budget and not much talent.

Oh well, we’ll always have Valve.

Another favourite amongst the master race is, the purveyor of all things old and good and cheap. The digital distribution platform for DRM-free classics is extending that business model to films by launching a new download and streaming service for movies.

The service is already live, but most of the library at the moment is a “selection of gaming and internet culture documentaries”, as the actual movie studios haven’t come on board just yet.

GoG had this to say on the absence: “We talked to most of the big players in the movie industry and we often got a similar answer: “We love your ideas, but … we do not want to be the first ones. We will gladly follow, but until somebody else does it first, we do not want to take the risk”.

All the films are available at a flat rate of $5.99, with two freebies on offer as well.

gog movies

So here’s an interesting bit of news; after ditching the Kinect as a compulsory piece of hardware for the Xbox One, Microsoft will now be offering it as a standalone product come October.

I’m not entirely sure who’ll be buying this, exactly. People who bought the Kinect-free Xbox One before deciding, gee whiz, it really does seem like it would be fun showing my penis to strangers on the internet, I think I made a mistake.

And then paying extra, since the standalone Kinect is a not-insignificant $150.

Nintendo’s 3DS handheld has turned into the company’s major success story, and at times feels like it is what’s holding that company together in the face of failures like the Wii U.

Now, no doubt hoping to build on those profits, the handheld-maker is introducing a new 3DS model, with better 3D, NFC support and an additional directional button in the form of a small analogue “nub” above the current A, B, X and Y buttons.

They’ll also have custom covers, how very Asian of them. While the device is launching in Japan on October 11th, Nintendo says we’ll own see a European and North American release in 2015.

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Gaming News

More Titanfall news, and I have to say I’m biased since I’m still loving this game. If you haven’t given it a try, I highly recommend you do – it’s one of the best multiplayer shooters in years.

Anyways, enough of my gushing. The real news is that the developers are adding yet another game mode for gamers to try, Pilot Skirmish. In this mode, for the first time Titans are removed from gameplay entirely, and the player cap is increased to 16. This means it’ll be an 8-on-8 team deathmatch style, with no giant robot to hide you from my shotgun. Pew pew.

The other recently added game mode, Marked for Death, was originally supposed to be a limited time affair, but is now being permanently added to the game due to “enduring popularity”. Nice.

You may have seen the posts this week on the Anita Sarkeesian debacle, the feminist content producer who’s been forced out of her home by threats of violence due to a series of videos entitled Tropes vs Women in Video Games. The series goes over some of the more heinous objectification of women in games, and is one of those things that you think won’t surprise you until you actually see it.

It’s kind of amazing how used to something we get, until someone shines a spotlight on the sheer magnitude of it all.

The series has gained some attention from notable people in the industry, including Tim Schafer who tweeted: “I think everyone who makes games should watch this video from start to finish,” as well as writer/director Joss Whedon who said, “Watch the @femfreq #TropesvsWomen vids. Even if you think you get it, the sheer tonnage makes misogyny seem newly appalling.”

For those who haven’t seen it yet (and I recommend you do), here it is again:

Now here’s something I’m really excited about – a Super Meat Boy sequel. Team Meat has been teasing a new project for a while titled, “A Voyeur for September”, and turns out it’s actually Super Meat Boy Forever.

While this employs a similar look and feel, the key difference here appears to be that it is an endless runner, players will be challenged to get as far as they can in a level that increases with difficulty. I’m not sure how I feel about that over the standard, divided level gameplay but I’ll reserve my scepticism for now.

Release date? “When it’s done” (thanks Blizzard).

Speaking of new games, Deep Silver announced a new Saints Row title at PAX yesterday, this one titled Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell.

As you may have guessed, the 2015 entry into the franchise will send players into Hell via an Ouija board to battle demons and “prominent historical figures” (the smart money’s on Hitler) and ultimately, Big Red himself.

It’s been billed as a standalone expansion (you won’t need Saints Row 4 to play it), but that does mean it’ll be shorter than a full length game – and cheaper.

Gat Out of Hell will retail for only $19,95 and see a release on all major platforms on January 27, 2015.

I think the art direction could use a bit of work.
I think the art direction could use a bit of work.

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A new Playstation indie was revealed this week, a sci-fi adventure game titled Alone With You. The game will be coming sometime in 2015, and promises “adventure, exploring and maybe even a little romance”. Check out this trailer:

Destiny hype is starting to hit fever-pitch, as the September 9 release date fast approaches. Considering the Xbox One situation in South Africa, I’m assuming most of you will be getting it on a Playstation console (360 die hards excluded). If you are indeed playing Bungie’s new IP on a Sony, have a look at the exclusive content you’ll be getting.

Deep Silver’s Escape Dead Island is looking pretty sweet, despite my feeling somewhat saturated with zombie titles at the moment. This entry aims to bridge the gap between Dead Island 1 and 2, and will be releasing 21 November for us. Interested? Watch this trailer to help decide.

Now I’ve been a little rude about remakes and remasters, but a reboot of an old title? That I’m okay with. One such reboot is Gauntlet, a PC exclusive (ha!) that looks to put a fresh spin on the arcade classic. Never heard of it? Here’s some gameplay to jog your memory.

Best of NAG

We’ll start things off this week with a Delano double feature, indie style. First up we have Throwback Thursday, where Marky Mark takes an oldie-but-goodie for a spin, this time its carnage-creating Crimsonland.

Then, for your continued Delano entertainment, we have an indie showcase which goes in a somewhat different direction – hexagonal minesweeper thingamajig. I really don’t know, it hurts my brain. Have a look at it right here.

Then we have my other podcaster compadre, Wesley Fick, with his System Builders Guide – Rich Bastard Edition. This is the one for the enthusiasts (read: rich bastards) who prefer playing games to having running water or health insurance. You can go and drool over here.

Finally there’s me, as I celebrate my birthday going over 9 of the most important titles of the last 20 years. Not objectively, but rather the games that had a huge impact on me at different points in my lifecycle. See what you think, and add your own over here.