When we reported on the formation of Campo Santo and their upcoming walking simulator Firewatch from our lookout tower, there was naught but the suggestion of smoke from somewhere out in the great game development wilderness. Now we know a lot more about it,  as the team has “officially” announced the game at PAX, opening with a demonstration of the gameplay and a somewhat sinister trailer.

Abseil past the “Read More…” button for the trailer and all the details.

Set in the early ’80s and billed as a first-person mystery, the game’s looking beautiful. The Campo Santo team has previously expressed interest in delivering impressive environmental and object fidelity (allowing players to use seemingly mundane in-world items like in Far Cry 2 and Metro 2033), so there seems to be a high level of interaction possible with the various elements of the world:  such as throwing boomboxes into lakes to hack off skinny-dipping teens. How’s that for a bullet-point feature for the back of the box?


Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin of Telltale’s The Walking Dead fame form part of the studio, and you can see their influence: your conversations and choices will have a significant impact on the flow of the narrative later on. A focus of the Campo Santo panel was on the relationship Henry — the player character — will develop with Delilah, your radio companion during the course of the game. Both have made some rather dubious decisions in their lives, and it’ll be interesting to see how it’s weaved into the tale as you respond to Delilah and your in-game relationship develops.

While the game is somewhat open in terms of its environment, its narrative means that you’ll be gently funneled into areas of interest and gated at others — finding a grappling rope allows you to descend steep inclines safely, for example, which would have otherwise been an impassable obstacle.

But enough of all these words: check out the trailer below.

Source: Twitch

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