There’s a new HWBot submission that’s at least one world record with AMD’s brand-spanking new FX-8370. It’s a higher-clocked version of the outgoing FX-8350 and still made on the 32nm Global Foundries process. Finnish-based overclocker “The Stilt”  managed to take one of these chips to a blistering 8.722GHz under LN2 with 2.004V, almost matching a world record set previously at 8.79GHz at 2.064V by Andre “lpza4n” Yang. What’s different about this achievement though is that it’s done with all eight cores enabled, whereas Yang’s overclock was done with only two cores enabled.

The overclock was done with the FX-8370 picked from a retail batch of chips along with a ASUS Crosshair V motherboard, 8GB of AMD Radeon Performance memory and a ASUS Radeon R9 290X DirectCU II. Whether this is an indication of what most FX chips can do now that AMD’s been making them for over eight years isn’t certain, but it’s definitely a great technical achievement that AMD and Global Foundries can get a chip that is almost perfectly made.

Source: KitGuru

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