So you want to play Watch Dogs, but don’t have it yet? Well, whip out your copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC because there’s a mod that totally makes the game look like Watch Dogs. The mod was made by JulioNIB, the same creator of the GTAIV selfie mode that many people practically went ape over. It skins the game to look and play very similarly to Ubisoft’s game and there’s a massive amount of detail in the mod itself. Hit the jump for more info.

JulioNIB on his blog only had a quick gameplay demo which you can catch below, as well as a small list of things that the mod changes in the game. There are a number of gameplay features added in that weren’t present in the base game either. Watching the video, it’s astounding just how close the mod comes to actually mimicking Watch Dogs, right down to the textures on Aiden’s trenchcoat, or the camera-jumping capability. An inordinate amount of time must have been spent making this mod possible, because there are cameras and hackable items nearly everywhere you go.

Here’s a list of items that are hackable in the game thanks to the mod:

  • Payphone, ticket machine and ATM – Explode
  • Wall lights – Burst
  • ATM – Free money
  • Trains – Stop, Go, Return
  • Traffic lights – Confuse drivers making them crash
  • Road block – Block the road/street
  • Cameras – View camera live video
  • Pop Machines – Release soda cans
  • Parked cars – Trip alarm

There is also a short list of gameplay features that have been added in:

  • Walk/stand over train in movement
  • Idle anim (hands in pocket)
  • Small gun anim (hide gun)
  • Custom walk, run and sprint anims
  • Put/remove scarf
  • Improved cops shoot accuracy
  • Improved cops driving
  • ctOS wanted level system (pre-wanted + witness call + scan = wanted level)
  • Take down attacks
  • BLACKOUT (Beta)
  • “Weapon wheel” HUD
  • Radar borders
  • Health indicator below radar
  • Health regeneration up to 50%
  • Crosshair
  • Victims damage indicator
  • Player attacker indicator
  • Blood effect for player damage
  • Waypoint indicator
  • Dynamic camera position

Catch the video below. You can download the mod from here and note that doing this is entirely at your own risk. Neither Rockstar nor JulioNIB offer any sort of guarantee that this mod will work for you. Julio calls this mod .


Source: Kotaku

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