UPDATE: Most stores in Cape Town will only be receiving their copies of NAG on Friday the 5th of September due to a distribution niggle. Sorry!

Spring! September is a month for getting in touch with friends you’ve not seen in a while. And by in a while, we mean since around 8 o’clock this morning. And by friends, we mean the next Calls of Duties. And by not seen, we mean seen everywhere, all the time. It’s called Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and it’s got double-jumping Exo suits in it. We’re not sure where the dog’s gone though. Perhaps they ran out of space for bearded bullet points and had to cut the canines. Anyway, it’s on our cover. Yay!

September’s also important for being the month before rAge 2014 (and every other rAge ever, really). It’s coming people. Best prepare yourselves.

Delve deeper to discover more September issue info.

Other than the mighty Call of Duty, the September issue of everyone’s favourite gaming magazine* contains such wonders as a how-to guide on telefragging your way into the South African eSports scene. We’re also told that this thing called the Xbox One is soon set to (finally, officially) land on our shores. WHO KNEW? We round up everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new-ish console.

If you’re even remotely interested in making your own video games, you’re going to want to check out our quick-start guide to game development. Hopefully it’ll aid you in your quest to breathe life into all those ideas for platformers and puzzlers and first-person puzzle platformers that have been floating about your brain for the last 1,000 years.

Speaking of local game development, in this month’s reviews section we check out locally-made game Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon. It’s essentially a game made almost entirely out of particle effects, and you’ve got to love that. We visit the Old School with a trip to Shadowgate, and introduce the Old School to the New with indie darling Shovel Knight. The free-to-play shootin’ of Warframe gets judged, and epilepsy-triggering 2D fencing proves to be all the rage in Nidhogg. We settle the great debate once and for all: who would win in a fight, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark or Sniper Elite III? Find out within!

Previews see us constantly confusing our “borns” with our “bornes” thanks to Battleborn and Bloodborne. Or is it Battleborne and Bloodborn? We’ve dispatched agents to hunt down the truth. Gigantic aims to put its own supersized spin on the MOBA formula, and top-down Lara returns to raid the Temple of Osiris.

Chairs are back! Outside of rating lumbar support from 1 to 10, the hardware section this month is packed with the usual assortment of notebooks and headsets and CPUs and motherboards and more. We pit two excellent mice against one another in Versus, and we also endeavour to settle confusion surrounding UHD and the future of display resolutions once and for all.

Amble through the wilds of our September issue to discover all this and more. You should find it on store shelves (or digitally via Zinio) this Thursday, the 4th of September (unfortunately, as it says in the update at the top of this post, most stores in Cape Town will only receive their copies of NAG on Friday, September 5th). We’re a little late again this month, obviously. Fallout from last month’s DVD-related fiasco, you see. The October issue will (well, should) be more punctual.

Below is a look at our fancy Advanced Warfare cover. Below that is the contents page. Devour it. All of it.

Click here for the contents PDF [584KB]

*This is according to extensive market research. Which is to say we asked our moms, and they say they quite like the magazine. So there.

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