Gearbox is currently working on high definition remakes of Relic’s classic RTS series, Homeworld. While the game itself garnered critical praise, so did the series’ stylised cut-scenes that conveyed the surprisingly engaging plot of both Homeworld and its sequel, Homeworld 2.

With the original cut-scenes, Relic opted to use a 2D, almost hand-drawn aesthetic. There was no colour, and only portions of the scenes would animate in very simple methods. It was tremendously effective.

With Gearbox prepping the high definition re-release of the series, they’ve had to give the cut-scenes a bit of spit and polish as well. The results, I think, are great. The overall aesthetic has stayed the same, and with the addition of high-def audio, the cut-scenes are looking rather good.

During a recent PAX discussion, Gearbox showed a portion of their updated cut-scenes alongside an original version of the same scene. You can check it out below. The video clip (via IGN) also shows off the Mothership statue that will ship with special editions of the Homeworld Remastered Collection. For now, that edition is only available in the US, but that topic is also broached in the video. We’re holding thumbs that we might see the version appear in South Africa, but it’s looking a little unlikely.

As Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett points out: if these updated cut-scenes leave you cold, then don’t forget that the Remastered Collection ships with the original games as well.


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