Destiny launches next week Tuesday, 9 September. Bungie’s next big thing since Halo is poised to be a massive deal for Activision and (hopefully) first-person shooter fans across the globe. With less than a week to go before servers awaken and players start shooting and looting their way across the galaxy, Bungie and Activision have launched a new website called Destiny Planet View.

The website utilises Google Maps technology to give people a “street view” of the gaming areas we’ll be exploring on Mars, Venus and the Moon. There are pre-defined areas and routes you can take much like street view works on ordinary Google Maps, however, on top of getting a good look at some of the environments, you’ll also get some background lore and tips for gameplay.

If you manage to explore all the areas and watch all the videos, you’ll get a unique emblem unlock to use in the game when it launches next week. If you’re eager to check out the game worlds then head over here and get browsing.


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