Matrox is a graphics company that’s been around for almost 36 years and for the most part they’ve been in the professional market, making graphics solutions for multiple monitors and being the only vendor for some time  that could do multi-monitor and a sort of Surround/Eyefinity-esque setup with their products. With less than 1% of market share, though, they’ve decided to halt development of their in-house GPUs in favour of licensing a custom design from AMD. AMD will supply Matrox with what looks like the equivalent of the Radeon R7 250X and Matrox in turn gets access to a far superior architecture, HSA, up to six Displayport connectors on a single card (with the option of turning that into a possible eighteen connected monitors using Displayport hubs) and they don’t have to invest further in R&D and the complex manufacturing process they currently have.

“The AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU we selected for our new product line allows Matrox to continue designing and manufacturing professional, reliable video cards. Matrox add-in boards strike the perfect balance between video output density, performance and power consumption,” said David Chiappini, vice president of research and development, Matrox Graphics. “Our enterprise and industrial customers will continue to benefit from Matrox multi-display board designs, easy-to-use PowerDesk software, direct customer support and long product life cycles.”

Source: TechpowerUp

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