Samsung and Oculus VR have been working together for over a year now. Yesterday, during the Samsung IFA held in Berlin, the companies revealed Gear VR: a virtual reality headset designed to work in conjunction with the newly unveiled Galaxy Note 4.

The Gear VR is powered by Oculus VR’s tech. It’s completely wireless and holds the new Note 4, which has an impressive quad HD display. The Note 4 clips into the Gear VR headset, which is equipped with the dual 3D lenses ordinarily found inside an Oculus Rift. The Gear VR headset has volume controls, a touchpad and a back button in order to navigate the Note 4’s OS when it’s strapped to your face.

Full 360 degree videos as well as 3D movie trailers will come preinstalled on Note 4 devices. The Gear VR is expected to release in the coming months, but there’s no price as yet. Oculus VR’s John Carmack hopped up on stage during the event to discuss (in a rather technical but nonetheless overly-excited manner – his enthusiasm is contagious!) how the relationship between Oculus tech and Samsung tech allowed for the creation of Gear VR. He is on stage at around the 4:22 mark below.

Samsung has also announced that they’ll be releasing a wireless game controller for use with a suite of upcoming Gear VR apps and games. So far, people trying out Gear VR during the Samsun IFA have experience hot-air balloon rides, a space fighter simulator, and being inside Tony Stark’s Ironman suit.

Sources: IGN, The Verge and BGR

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