In Episode 7 of the NAG Online Podcast, we have a long discussion about Peggle (now officially Chris’ favourite game), Miklos’ interview with CD Projekt Red, Intel’s Haswell-E platform and we have some wild adventures with Rick in his kitchen. And we sing, oh boy are we shit at singing. Hit the jump for the audio, the direct download and the podcast notes!

NAG Online Podcast Overview:

Episode 7 – Recorded on 03 September 2014

Direct Download: Linky

Hosts: Wesley Fick, Mark Del, Matthew Fick, Rick De Klerk, Chris Kemp (DonJohnson).

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1:07 The NAG Podcast and Mumble’s Audio drift bug

On NAG Online:

4:00 Throwback Thursday: Crimsonland

11:00 Let’s talk to CD Projekt about The Witcher 3

17:10 Analysis: Intel Haswell-E, DDR4 and X99 in detail

26:30 The Podcast Challenge: Seven Days With Peggle: A Journal – Chris Kemp

News Items of interest:

38:20 Nintendo Direct: new 3DS, Xenoblade exclusive

50:30 MSI and Nvidia discount the GTX770 to R3999

51:33 Rick makes coffee!

53:00 The Stomping Land stomped off Steam Early Access

53:28 We hum some tunes.

1:15:40 Atari aiming to scare you in 2014

What Are You Playing?

1:20:40 Delano: Solar 2

Matthew: The Witcher 2

Wesley: I played nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Chris: Batman: Arkham City! And not Peggle.

Rick: Hearthstone; DOTA 2 Ability Draft

On the internet:

1:28:06 “The death of the gamer”. A whole number of people have written on the subject that the traditional gamer audience is dead and that the label no longer represents the diversity of games being made.

There’s also the implication that “Gamer” has now several misogynistic and negative connotations: that they’re bigots, foul-mouthed, mere consumers of products rather than individuals participating in a rich, growing cultural artform. Discuss.

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