In a response to numerous requests from absolutely nobody ever, it appears that publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is poised to release their own digital distribution platform. This is the first time that the publisher has shown interest in entering the same area as Valve’s Steam. And Ubisoft’s Uplay. And EA’s Origin.

The speculation arose after trademark filings were uncovered; the filings were made on 20 August 2014. Those filings make mention of a “WB Play” service, which will offer things like: “downloadable virtual goods; downloadable electronic strategy and instructional guides for computer and video games; computer game software; video game software; audio and video recordings in the fields of computer and video games” and so on and so forth.

Warner Bros. is weeks away from releasing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, so it will be interesting to see if there’s any WB Play integration with that piece of software. As IGN points out, the game can already be pre-ordered on Steam so it’s unlikely to be a WB Play exclusive – if the service is something that is actually happening (which it probably is seeing as the logo appears on the top left of this website). It’s almost as if Warner Bros. should wait for another MASSIVE game release in order to make WB Play mandatory. I can’t quite put my finger on what that title might be… it’ll probably need to be a significant IP that many peop- OK IT’S GOING TO BE ARKHAM KNIGHT. You read it here first.

Source: IGN

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