It’s been just over 42 weeks since Sony’s Playstation 4 launched in the UK and things are looking up for the company, especially considering that the UK home console market has been dominated by Nintendo and Xbox in the last console generation. The PS4 hit one million units sold to consumers today in the UK. That’s pretty damn good considering that the Wii managed that number in 38 weeks, Playstation 2 did it in 50 and Xbox 360 took 60 weeks to hit a million. Sony’s data also showed that it only took 46 weeks for the PS3 to get there as well. Microsoft hasn’t announced sales for the region yet, but it can’t be too far behind now.

According to Sony, weeks 1-5 saw a record 530,000 units sold (average 15,000 consoles per day), while weeks 6-42 saw sales at 470,000 (an average of 13,000 consoles per day). By contrast, Playstation 3 sales in South Africa by the end of 2013 over the console’s lifespan topped 400,000.

Source: MCV UK

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