Not surprisingly, the fact that the southern hemisphere is approaching summer seems to have been forgotten by everyone in the northern hemisphere once again, but we can’t say we object too much. Why? Because sales! Not a Steam sale, mind you (that’s still coming), but a very generous offering from the folks at the Humble Store.

To celebrate the tilting of the planet’s axis, they’re offering pretty insane discounts up until the 22nd of September. Some titles are 90% off and others are going for less than a dollar. In addition, there’ll be some free games given away, but only for folks fast enough to snag them while they’re still available.

Dovetailing this announcement is the release of the 12th Humble Indie Bundle, which includes, among others, noteworthy titles like Papers, Please, Gone Home, LUFTRAUSERS and Prison Architect. More games are planned as time goes on and, as always, buyers can name their price (with higher bids unlocking more games) and decide how their money is allocated between the developers, charities and the Humble Bundle organisers themselves.

You’d better make peace with your backlog, because it’s about to grow…