Get in my flivver, ya vamp! We’re gonna hit up the speakeasys, get a ‘ittle ossified, celebrate the release date for A Golden Wake… what, ya worried ’bout the fuzz? Ishkabibble! Don’t be a rube, we ain’t looking for trouble and neither are they. We’re cool with those cats; already made them an offer they can’t refuse…

Point-and-clickaneers will be pleased to know that Wadjet Eye Games — famous for their Blackwell series (amongst other great adventure titles) — have announced the release date of A Golden Wake, developed in conjunction with Grundislav Games. Releasing October 9th on Mac, Linux and PC, A Golden Wake is set during the “Roaring Twenties”, but away from the stereotypical glitz and glam of Chicago and New York. Instead, you follow one Alfie Banks who’s travelled to the real-world locale of Coral Gables to make his fortune in the real estate market. But it’s not going to be easy – with rumblings of the Great Depression and menace from the criminal mob, you’re going to have a lot worse than house-showings to deal with.

The 1920s had the best slang, so I can only hope the dialogue in-game is fit to bursting with it. Anyway, you can pre-order the game at their website proper, if you wanna beat the rush and claim your little piece of Miami paradise. You can also check out the trailer below; it’s got no less than two pixelated (Or pixillated. Both, in fact.) rumps, so best cover your eyes. Scandalous!

Source: Gamasutra

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