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In episode 8 of the podcast we invite a member of our forums to join in the banter with us and talk about the awesome groupings we have on the weekend on Unreal Tournament this week. We also talk about games that we’ve lost interest in, Destiny, the internet slowing down and the NAG Online Podcast challenge, now with hats of shame! Also, Xbox One launches pretty soon guys!

NAG Online Podcast Overview:

Episode 08 – Recorded on 10 September 2014.

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Hosts introduction: Wesley Fick, Mark Del, Matthew Fick, Chris Kemp (aka Bob Saget! :-P)

Special Guest: Daniel “Jeronkey” Grant (@Jeronkey)

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01:40 Jeronkey and the Unreal/Trackmania Weekends

On NAG Online:

12:40 5 Big Franchises I’ve Completely Lost Interest In

21:30 This headline has Destiny in it

37:40 The Podcast Challenge: one week with Peasant’s Quest

50:00 Tomorrow, the internet “slows” down for a day

News Items of interest:

1:03:15 Pirating The Sims 4? Good luck with that

1:10:40 Looks like Warner Bros. is jumping on the Steam bandwagon

1:19:00 Nvidia is trying to ban sales of Samsung devices in the US

1:26:05 Rumour: Microsoft to purchase Minecraft developer

What Are You Playing?

1:36:00 Delano: Underhell!

Matthew: Horse Scaring Quest and The Witcher 2 and Hoard

Wesley: Need for Speed Underground 2

Chris: Ear Infection 2.0 with Germ DLC

Dan: Divinity: Original Sin

More stuff like this: