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It seems like Logitech is hell-bent on reinventing themselves and they’re hopping on to the RGB bandwagon by offering gamers the ability to customise their kayboard to their liking. Their first attempt at a RGB mechanical keyboard begins with the G910. There are some design cues taken from the older heavy-hitters like the G11, G110, G15 and the G19 but the G910 is in another dimension and price bracket completely. How does $179.99 sound? Eish!

The full name of the keyboard is the Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB. The switches are custom-made by Omron and it’s a design that Logitech came up with before handing it to Omron to further customise and perfect it. It’s called the Romer-G Switch and it’ll be somewhere in between the performance of a Cherry MX Black and Red. Logitech says the Romer-G is 25% faster than a Red switch and has an actuation force of just 45g. It’s also apparently rated for 70 million clicks, which Logitech also claims is 40% higher than their nearest competitor’s design.


You’ll notice that the keycaps are also angled in, with no flat surfaces. This is to ensure that key strokes are captured properly and that finger-slips can’t happen easily. The LED inside is capable of an array of colours, up to 16.8 million individuals hues. The G910 weighs in at 1.5kg with all of this heavy circuitry and has rubberised feet to prevent it from being slid around on a desk (as if the weight wasn’t entirely enough).

Logitech also seems to want to push second-screen setups using the G910’s sldie-out tray which it calls  the Arx Control tray. Arx Control is an app available for mobile devices that allows you to hook into the Logitech drivers and adjust settings on the fly as well as have readouts of your game performance or, in some cases, act as a screen for dials and ammo counts and that sort of thing, which is what the G15 and G19 tried to do, but never succeeded with making the deal mainstream.

Logitech says that the G910 will be available in the US, Canada and some European countries starting in November 2014. South Africa will see a launch sometime later, but at least it’s going to be replacing the G19S, which is still a membrane keyboard.

Source: Logitech

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