maxwell leak memory compression

With the Geforce GTX980 and GTX970 launching pretty much tomorrow everywhere with it almost guaranteeing that the internet will break just like it did today thanks to iOS 8, I’ve decided to hold off on putting my article on the Radeon R9 285 up because of a few details I’ve now seen on the official press slides for Big Maxwell. Nvidia’s also doing a colour compression hardware trick that’s pretty much like black magic, but that brings much bigger returns for Big Maxwell than it does for Tonga. Nvidia is also talking a little more about how it works and why they’re doing it so at the risk of being late with my Tonga coverage I’d much rather have the right information about how the two implementations differ than just suck it out of my thumb and spend time revising it later once its published.

So the GTX980 and GTX970 is launching soon and Tonga’s analysis will be in this weekend! So there’s still going to be something to read and I’ll have to talk for about 20 minutes straight on next week’s podcast in addition to my Podcast challenge.

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