Remember Deep DownI bet you did. Deep down, I mean. Things went a bit quiet on the front of Capcom’s free-to-play dungeon crawler, but now we’ve got a new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show which delves a little more into the setting’s details.

You play a resident of a futuristic New York in 2094, who alternates between his modern home and a virtual medieval city of 1494. The trailer hints that not all is as it seems with the fictional construct of this metropolis and its depths, and as you collect memory fragments (whose fragments, exactly, is not clear), your guide warns of the mysterious intentions to “the author of this city’s form.” Deep Down is the first game to use Capcom’s new Panta Rhei game engine which brings various next-gen optimisations and capabilities to Capcom’s line.  Currently,  Deep Down is a PlayStation 4 exclusive for release sometime next year, with a beta to be held in early 2015.

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