Someone asked me what rAge was all about and I was super-tempted to answer “Seeing Deadpool make friends,” as well as “Seeing three Deadpools imitate each other.” But the reality is that rAge is the biggest gaming expo of the year and things are gearing up as we have less then three weeks to go before the main event. Here’s some refreshers for you about what’s going to happen with our coverage and what you can look forward to in the next few weeks. 21 days left!

Coverage from the show floor direct to your eyeballs

Myself and my brother Matthew Fick will be on the floor taking pictures, talking to some of the people in the stands, rAge attendees, company reps, game developers and more. This year we’re splitting up the show between us into the technical section, which I’ll be handling, as well as the games side, which Matt will be doing. Some things will require crossing our streams, such as a racing SIM that may catch my eye. Miklos Szecsei may be popping in as well with an article or two if he can make the long, long trip from his klein dorpie to Johannesburg in time.

From my side, I’ll be walking around the floor finding new tech hiding in plain sight (cough *Nvidia GTX980* cough) and talking to company reps and PR people about their new stuff (cough *Haswell-E* cough) and in between that and writing and organising the guys for the podcast from the floor I may find a few games that tickle my fancy and write about them. That’ll be almost entirely racing titles, but I may say something about anything else I find while I’m there.

From Matt’s side, he’ll be running the games coverage almost entirely, walking about and winning Angry Birds stuff, trying to avoid Chris Kemp and getting some hands-on time with games new and not-so-new (cough *Xbox One* cough). This will be Matt’s first time at rAge as a journalist in his own right, so it’ll be fun to watch to see how he takes to it. About a third of the time at the convention is spent in the press room writing and interviewing people while the other third is spend walking around and the last third is everything that you actually do at the expo at the stands.

So bring good shoes, Matt! Our rAge coverage officially begins today and as more vendors answer our e-mails and calls to pay attention to us we’ll put up articles teasing what they’ll be showing off and letting people play with or drool at.

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