Oh hey, it’s Silent Hills: the PlayStation 4 game that suddenly appeared as the demo P.T. (“playable teaser”) on the PlayStation Store during Gamescom! Did you play it? I did… for about 10 minutes before I broke down in tears.

IF you managed to play that teaser through to the end, you would have learnt that it was for upcoming Silent Hills: a collaboration project between Kojima Productions and director Guillermo Del Toro. It also stars Norman Reedus – aka Darryl Dickson from The Walking Dead.

After the jump you’ll find a brand-spanking-new trailer for the game. Yep, this is another Tokyo Game Show trailer, but this one is extra special thanks to the sheer terror it’s capable of instilling in its viewers. Awww, look, cute little children’s toys! And they’re pottering up this dingy passageway and glowing in the dark! That’s not so scary! They’re all colourful and –OH GOD WHY ARE THERE TENTACLES AND WORMS COMING OUT OF THE CEILING!? WHAT IS THAT!? WHY AM I PUKING MAGGOTS OUT OF MOUTH!? AAAAAH! GARBBLE GARBBLEBAWFKAESAGsvBESBWNGLASG?fawfgavESV/…