Sega and Creative Assembly have announced a new Survivor Mode for next month’s Alien: Isolation. The mode will be made available via a five-part downloadable content offering. This is in addition to the pre-order bonus content that was revealed some months ago.

The Survivor Mode will be made available piece-by-piece during the six months following the game’s release. In Survivor Mode, players will take on the role of a new character in each of the five pieces of content. You’ll have to complete a series of mode-specific challenges all while being hunted by the game’s various enemies. Yes, it sounds like certain pieces of the DLC will include enemies other than the vanilla Alien, but so far Sega hasn’t revealed anything.

The Survivor Mode was born directly out of the development team issuing challenges to one another during the games creation. Apparently, things got a little competitive in Creative Assembly’s HQ, and this is what led to the idea of Survivor Mode.

You have the option of purchasing each of the five pieces individually, or you can purchase the game’s Season Pass to get them all. Alien: Isolation is out on 7 October on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Via: Polygon

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