As I write this first coverage article, I took a minute to think of and salute the ex-PC Format Magazine SA lads, who had their publication shut down a few months ago. Their absence is definitely felt in the industry and on the magazine racks. With that, let’s lead into the first of the stands that I’d like to introduce to you. Evetech is no stranger to the rAge expo and has been attending for a number of years now. This time, there’s a lot of new hardware to show off and sell, which will make things rather interesting.

Speaking to NAG Online, Evetech’s Kamran Sorathia was able to reveal a few details about what they are planning for their stand. Although this is all the information we were able to get out of Evetech, the company is planning to have more things happening at their stand and will only be able to share that next month as the expo date nears. So what can you expect to see when you swing by Evetech’s booth?

  • Nvidia “Big Maxwell” graphics cards on show – the Geforce GTX980 and GTX970!
  • Some models of MSI’s new TwinFrozer V cooler, which has quite a few updates to bring TwinFrozer into the next generation of graphics cards. Think more style, less noise.
  • All of MSI’s laptops will be showcased, with the possibility of new models being showcased that haven’t launched yet.
  • New products from Razer, Thermaltake, NZXT, Noctua, Crucial and Antec.
  • A UlltraHD 4K demo for show-goers to get hands-on time with (!)
  • South Africa’s Goddy “ViVi” Roodt will be performing some extreme overclocking using LN2. This may or may not include some Haswell-E hardware taking a severe beating (bring clean underwear just in case ViVi breaks something really expensive right in front of you).

That’s all for now! Evetech’s stand will be one of the first I visit and I’ll try snap a few sneak peek shots of their booth the day before the expo opens.

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