Have you ever heard of Brainline Learning World? They deal with school-level (Grade R to 12) distance education, and they are making their rAge debut at this year’s expo.  They also have a host of giveaways lined up. Hit the jump for details.

With today’s rapidly advancing world, many things have changed. Consider the fact that a few years ago, the only way you’d be able to read about this was via a newspaper or a magazine. So the reasoning behind distance learning (fancy term for “homeschooling”) in the digital age is easy to see.

Like I said earlier, this will be Brainline’s first visit to rAge. They seem to be trying to expand their scope, and maybe their method of teaching will appeal to gamers. It’s a simple fact of life that traditional schooling doesn’t work for everyone. Some learners just have an easier time working at their own pace in a comfortable environment. According to their website, they are fully accredited, and graduating with them gets you the same National Senior Certificate as a traditional high school.

If this sort of thing interests you, check out their website. Or when you’re at rAge, find them at stand 57. To stand a chance to win one of four NAG LAN tickets (which are sold out), follow them on Facebook or Twitter where they’ll be hosting competitions on the 24th and 26th of September. There will also be graphics cards and other prizes to be won from their stand at rAge.

Brainline rAge

If homeschooling still doesn’t appeal to you, or you think it’s just for fundamentalist hermit families, keep this in mind: I was homeschooled for two years.

And now I work for NAG.

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