Xbox One launched today; here’s where to get it

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Hello Nagarians. As you are no doubt aware, the Xbox One launched locally today, so if you’ve been hankering for the Jelly Green Giant you can now get it for the love of money. Tarryn wrote a primer for the system in the latest issue of the NAG magazine, and suffice to say she’s pretty happy with it.

So where can you acquire such a device? Good question: fortunately, we have a list of all the available offers in a single spot for your convenience. Keep in mind that many of the consoles deals are being bundled with DIGITAL downloads of the games listed, meaning you’ll have to download them in addition to a number of updates for the system itself; so be mindful when you’re looking at the deals. Fifa 15‘s clocking in at 12gb, while Dance Central 2014 is somewhere in the region of 22gb, so those short on bandwidth beware.

Fortunately, Heritage Day’s tomorrow, so it’s not like you need to do something responsible like sleep, or celebrate our country’s glorious past and traditions. No, just watch that progress bar crawl across the screen while you dream of Fifa 15‘s and Forza‘s and Ryse‘s.