Being great at a first-person shooter encompasses a number of skills – movement trajectory, situational awareness, accuracy, weapon suitability, enemy assessment. And while there are a few titles that score you appropriate in terms of speed, accuracy and style — Bulletstorm comes to mind — there’s few that focus on a detailed score-based breakdown of their shooty bits.

DESYNC, a new FPS currently in early alpha, aims to address this in its own garish, neon-coated and polygonal way. DESYNC allows the user to deploy special attack sequences (which are basically the same as fighting game moves – a sequence of movements and gunplay that results in unique attacks and effects.). The world will also dynamically react to your play style; enemies spawns will be adjusted and levels will alter themselves based on your performance, resulting in a ramp-up of intensity according to your skill.

Another interesting aspect is that enemies will not adhere to their standard attack forms and methods; individual enemies can be bestowed with certain offensive or defensive items that changes how they engage you, and dealing with these adjustments will be crucial for maintaining a high score.

The game itself employs an abstract graphic  style that calls to mind how virtual reality was presented circa the early 90s, but it has a certain harsh charm to it. Available for voting on Steam Greenlight, you can also check out the teaser trailer below.

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