rAge 2014: Don’t get board at the show


I apologise for the heading. The urge to pun was too powerful and I couldn’t help myself. Regardless, I just had a chat with Boardgames.co.za about what they have in stock for rAge 2014. Hit the jump, do not pass “Go”, and let’s see what we can expect.

Occupying an impressive 120 square metres of space on the show floor, Boardgames.co.za will be sharing stands 34 and 34a with Blowfish Entertainment and Skycastle Games. They won’t just be selling board games either, as about 12 tables will be constantly staffed and monitored to actually teach gamers how to play before they buy. At my last rAge expo, I gleefully spent an entire day playing board games, and I recommend that you try do the same this year.

So far, Boardgames.co.za has confirmed that all the big names will make an appearance, so if you’ve never played The Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride before, then be sure to check them out. Also on display will be Discworld: Ankh-Morpork,  King of Tokyo, and the difficult-to-pronounce but nonetheless fun Carcassonne. I was also enthusiastically recommended Dominion, which looks a bit like Magic, but is all about building a kingdom and everything that entails.


There will also be a lot of board games making their debut at this year’s rAge, along with a big announcement regarding tabletop gaming, but more on those later. So in the meantime, check out their website and see what they’re bringing to the table (LOL, I crack myself up sometimes).

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