Total War: Attila is the next chapter in Creative Assembly’s long-running strategy series. The game was announced late yesterday in a video featuring a particularly grumpy Hun divulging his intentions to decimate the Roman Empire. So while you may have spent dozens of hours building the Roman Empire in the previous Total War title, Rome II, you now get to play through the Hun invasion from both sides.

You’ll be able to pick between the established and vast Roman Empire, or the invading Hun army led by Attila. Playing as Rome, you’ll have a massive amount of territory to begin with, but you’ll be dogged by internal politics and betrayal.

New to the game’s mechanics will be a new raze ability, which will allow you to eradicate cities from the game map. You’ll also be able to make extensive use of fire to aid in the destruction of to-scale towns and cities. Creative Assembly is promising a more streamlined UI and greater graphical fidelity.

Total War: Rome II was beleaguered by bugs in its first few months, so here’s hoping that Creative Assembly and Sega have a better run with Attila. You can check out the reveal trailer below. Website PC World has a nice hands-on feature that is also worth a look.

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