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It’s our tenth episode! YAY! It’s been ten weeks since we started the NAG Online podcast and although we have some clue as to how it’s doing, we’re going to keep at this until we do it right. This episode was plagued by more audio drift issues and to solve that I contacted the developers of Mumble to hammer a fix out with them. I’m now on a developer-only version of Mumble that carries some fixes for the audio drift issue and I hope this will remedy any issues I have in future. More testing will follow before our next episode of the podcast goes up, but for now have a listen to episode 10.

NAG Online Podcast Overview:

Episode 10, recorded on 24 September 2014.

Direct download: Linky

Hosts: Wesley Fick, Mark Del, Matthew Fick, Rick De Klerk, Chris Kemp

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Wesley Fick: @wesley_fick

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Mark Del: @delano501

Chris Kemp: @BananaSub

Rick de Klerk: @AlmostAHero

02:07 We’re recording the podcasts on Singstar mics!

On NAG Online:

04:51 rAge is now 21 days awaaaaaaaaaaay

07:30 NGL AORUS Corsair Dota 2 Clash final qualifier

13:49 Spacebase DF-9 shuts down, now open-source

17:17 Kickstarter now requires you to actually Kickstart something

24:00 Review: Destiny

45:50 Podcast Challenge: Play DOOM II with mods and survive

News Items of interest:

1:05:00 Hey, have you opened your Steam client today? The store page looks different!

1:25:00 There’s a third Assassin’s Creed game coming early 2015

1:32:00 Xbox One launched today; here’s where to get it

1:38:30  Meet the new Oculus Rift prototype

1:41:00 Alien: Isolation’s Survivor Mode coming via 5 part DLC

What Are You Playing?

1:44:40  Delano: The Yawhg

Matthew: Kingdoms of Amalur and Dark Souls 2

Wesley: Death, I’m playing constant, sudden death.

Chris: Absenteeism Simulator HD

Rick: Bloodbowl: Legendary Edition, VA-11 Hall-A

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