Iain Heath (aka: Ochre Jelly) is a Master Builder. He could very well be one of those minifig characters inside the Dog during that scene in The LEGO Movie. His latest work is a four scene diorama from Id Software’s Doom. It’s spectacular.

It’s spectacular because it has convincing builds of Cacodemons and Revenants; because it captures the 2D sprite design of a dead Imp; because the shotgun shells really do look like that when they’re lying on the floor and ready to be picked up; because dying Doom marines really do clutch their throats when they’re on the way out. Honestly, this is amazing. And now I want a LEGO Cacodemon to hover above my PC screen. I want one SO BADLY, you guys. SO BADLY.

Also, in case this wasn’t already the greatest thing you’ll see online this week, there’s a video flythrough! It even has one of the most iconic pieces of Doom music. Gosh, I feel like I need to give this Ochre Jelly guy a hug. Week. Made.

Be sure to check out Iain’s Flickr page for loads more close-up pics.

Via: Kotaku

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