rAge issue.

Issue of rAge.

October, also.

That’s it. You can all go home now.

HA! I’ll bet I almost had you. You were about to pack up for the day and search for something other to do than find out what’s in our October issue, weren’t you? Don’t pretend you weren’t, because every time you pretend you weren’t fooled by something super fool-ish, an undisclosed number of penguins die. And penguins are adorable.

Anyhow, we’re glad you stayed. It’s our rAge 2014 issue! It’s covered in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Every time we see or hear anything even remotely related to The Lord of the Rings, our hearts flutter. So every time we see or hear anything even remotely related to Shadow of Mordor, our hearts flutter. You should read our in-depth feature on the upcoming game, so that our hearts can flutter together.

We take a peek inside the A MAZE festival, whose many off-the-wall gaming delights, inspiring talks by indie devs (both local and international) and wacky sense of frivolous fun should be more than enough to convince you that making games of all shapes, sizes and sorts is pretty much the best, most rewarding thing a human can do. Except for professional treasure hunting maybe. Because professional treasure.

Other previews are covered in juicy info we gleaned from the info-fountain of Gamescom 2014. Far Cry 4 has elephants and several snow. Batman: Arkham Knight has Batmobiles and several Batmen. The Order: 1886 has Nikola Tesla and several Londons. Alien: Isolation has many wet pants but only one Xenomorph. LittleBigPlanet 3 has Every Cute, Ever.

Reviews this month include bite-sized beauties like HohokumLethal League and One Finger Death Punch. You’ll also spot the mighty Destiny, strutting its shoot-y shoot-’em bits and shared-world bang bangs. The Sims 4 explores your Sims on a more personal level, while Risen 3: Titan Lords explores piracy on a more bizarre, what-even-is-this level. Things really get out of hand when we go toe-to-toe with Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate.

Hardware is, as always, a collection of hardware. This month we’ve got our hands on the mighty Intel Core i7 5960X and it doesn’t disappoint. The MSI GT72 Dominator costs as much as a small car, which would be awesome if it were actually a small car that could also play games. We clarify the difference between the past of DDR3 and the future of DDR4, and we dig deep into the novelty of a turntable that’ll make your memories digital. Elsewhere you’ll find RAM and SSDs and mice and more put through their paces.

All of these stuffs and things can be found in our October issue. It’ll be out this Thursday, October 2nd. Digital dabblers can find their fix over at Zinio.

Below is that Middle-earth-y cover. More below is the contents page. In the future (or past, if you’re a time-travelling mutant reading this from the super-future) is rAge 2014. We’ll see you there.

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