Those of you who have already begun playing FIFA 15 may have been disappointed (or pleased) by the fact that Luis Suarez’ real-life ban from football has been included in the game. This means that not only is the player unavailable in single-player modes, but he is also completely unavailable in the game’s flagship Ultimate Team mode.

Those who choose to start a manager mode with FC Barcelona will receive an email at the beginning of the season stating that he is suspended and unavailable for selection until 26 October 2014. It looks as if FIFA’s claim that the player would be banned from “all footballing activities” after taking a bite out of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup is really being taken to heart.

Despite this, Suarez is available to select in exhibition matches using Kick-Off mode and he starts in the reserves by default with Match Day Experience switched on. The former Liverpool player has received a sizable upgrade since last season – he’s now the seventh-best player in the whole of Ultimate Team – and with a rating of 89 he’s likely to become an extremely popular player in the mode once he becomes available.

That is, until he bites someone else and gets banned again.

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