rAge 2014: What Nintendo is Nintendoing

Nintendo cover

The Big N has really been having a good year so far. Sales are up, games are coming out, and the Princess is in the right castle. Hit the jump to see what Nintendo will be bringing to rAge 2014.

First up is the amiibo range, those nifty NFC figures that Nintendo unveiled at E3 2014. The amiibo figures allow you to store character-specific data like stats and move-sets, and transport that personalised character from one game to another. These will be on display at the Nintendo stand.

As usual, no Luigi
As usual, no Luigi

Another title that’ll be on their stand is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, or CTTT as we call it in “the industry”. This neat little spin-off stars the returning Mario character Toad as he tracks treasure (it’s all in the name). Gameplay looks worlds away from standard Mario fare, because Toad can’t jump. This means taking out enemies becomes far more puzzle-based. Give this game a whirl on Wii U, I know I will.

As usual, no Luigi
As usual, no Luigi

And speaking of spin-offs, Hyrule Warriors will also be on the stand at all times. Reviews for this title are trickling in, and they look good. This Legend of Zelda cross Dynasty Warriors game has plenty of fan-service, a long campaign, and co-op. It’s not true Zelda, but it’ll tide you over until Zelda Wii U.

As usual, ah you get the picture
As usual… ah you get the picture

And in keeping with green characters, Yoshi’s Wooly World will also be on the stand. Waiting, watching, daring…

The game looks a lot faster than previous Yoshi games and features a co-op mode. No doubt, screwing over your teammate will leave you in stitches. The game looks  like it really takes advantage of the wool mechanics, and this allows for new gameplay abilities to be knit in. Let’s hope it doesn’t all unravel, and that you’ll have a ball playing this. I can’t make any more knitting jokes.

So far this looks like a "purl" of a game
So far this looks like a “purl” of a game

Moving on to the biggest sellers for Nintendo, the new Super Smash Bros. is another game you will be able to play at the Nintendo stand. The Wii U version promises to be playable with their new-retro-new GameCube controller, but there’s no word yet about how the 3DS versions will be playable. My thoughts are that both versions will be linked into a four-player lobby and allow you to Nintenduke it out with strangers. Keep in mind, all announcements about the amiibo figures above have touted their functionality with Super Smash Bros.. So if the figures are demonstrated, it’ll be with these games.

Don't worry. Luigi will be in the game
Don’t worry, Luigi will be in the game

Last up on the playable front is Nintendo’s new and exciting IP, Splatoon. Also confirmed for their stand, this 4v4 shooter sees players battling it out to coat the largest area of the map in their team’s ink. It sounds like an innovative take on the shooter template, and looks to be a good move from Nintendo. In a highly confidential inter-office memo (delivered by ravens of course), Rick de Klerk dibsed playing this. So we can probably expect his opinion on the game from the show.

No Luigi needed here
No Luigi needed here

Besides all the playables, Nintendo is also contributing to the rAge hype machine. The first 1,500 people visiting the stand can get their mitts on a special demo version of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby for 3DS. They will also be handing out prizes every half hour at their stand, so be prepared to deal with a throng of excited people. Also keep an eye out for Mario, Luigi (finally!) and Princess Peach wandering around The Dome during the expo. So if there are any fanfiction scenes you want re-enacted, now may be the time for you. [Please don’t do this. rAge is a family show, and fanfiction is never family-safe fiction. – Ed.]

That aside, there will be photo opportunities outside as well. Outside main entrance 1 will be a “huge inflatable Mario with a question mark to hit”. Those are Nintendo’s own words, and spot prizes will be handed out too. This is cool if you’re waiting in line to get in or you need some sunshine and fresh air for half an hour.

And the last exciting piece of news is that there will be a Mario Kart 8 tournament on the main stage on Friday, 16h50 to 17h20. And on Sunday there’ll be a Super Smash Bros. tournament from 11h50 to 12h20. Details on how to enter these will follow when we have them.

So far, so good. It seems like Nintendo is bringing some good stuff to the expo, and you can be sure to see me at stand 33 (which is theirs, duh).

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