Bloodborne‘s been available for play in a number of venues already, but those hankering for a vicarious hands-on experience by a Real Gamer™ can immerse themselves in an hour’s worth of footage from YouTube user Prodiguous, who is one of the lucky few who’ve been pre-selected to test Bloodborne‘s alpha. Having skipped briefly through the videos (Trying to retain any sense of mystery and discovery in the hype build-up of major titles is becoming increasingly difficult), it’s very much a Dark Souls game, down to the ponderous combat, strewn-about multiplayer notes and — if it’s possible — an even grimmer setting.

You’ll get to see some of the “co-operative” elements at work in addition to the classes, so it’s quite a nice look into the early stages of the game’s development. You can check out the first of Prodiguous’ videos after the jump.

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