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In this eleventh episode of the NAG Online Podcast, we have a chat about some of the early rAge 2014 coverage we’ve put out, as well as discussing breast controllers, why Chris thinks Ripley’s daughter sucks as an Alien survivor, why Rick eventually came to love Tropico 3 and all the juicy, juicy details about Windows 10, Microsoft’s love letter to the people still on Windows 7. Join us for an hour and a half of fun!

NAG Online Podcast Overview:

Episode 11, recorded on 01 October 2014.

Hosts: Wesley Fick, Mark Del, Matthew Fick, Rick De Klerk, Chris Kemp

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rAge 2014 coverage:

4:37 rAge 2014: Play the Marvel-ous Disney Infinity

6:27 rAge 2014: Megarom’s megaload

9:07 rAge 2014: What Nintendo is Nintendoing

10:30 rAge 2014: Don’t get board at the show

On NAG Online:

13:20 Review: Munin

14:12 Sony PSN Subs increasing by 53% tomorrow

31:40 Throwback Thursday: Hi-Octane

37:07 This Column Is Terrible And You Shouldn’t Read It

49:36 Microsoft finally reveals Windows…10?

58:00 The Podcast Challenge: Tropico 3

Comment on Rick’s article before 5 October to win a copy of Tropico 3! All you have to do is think of a suitable demand to give to El Presidente Rickissmo and his majesty will decide which demand he’d like to give into. Because Tropico 3 puts you in the role of a politician who is frequently asked to lie and cheat to win, it’s like asking real-life politicians for help, only you’ll actually get something in return!

What Are You Playing?

1:17:06 Delano: S.W.A.P.
Matthew: Dark Souls 2 and Tropico 3
Wesley: Windows 10 Download Simulator
Chris: Magic: The Gathering Online
Rick: Tropico 3, DOTA 2

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