rAge 2014: Time to Evolve

Evolve cover

Yep, Evolve will be at rAge 2014. And judging by what Megarom is doing to support it, it’ll be big. Hit the jump to crank up the hype.

I won’t waste time talking about what Evolve is, because by now you know. It’s been at expos, it’s all over the ‘Net and it even graced the cover of the July 2014 edition of NAG. A lot of us here on spacebase NAG are excited for the game, and it will be making its South African playable debut at Megarom’s stand.

As you probably know, Evolve involves five-player matches. So rAge will have ten systems set up to simultaneously run two sessions of the game at all times. There’s still no word on whether it’ll be at stand 42 or 75, both of which belong to the Big M, but you can probably track it down by following the queue of excited gamers. And while the stage roster hasn’t confirmed it yet, I’ll buy a hat and eat it if Evolve isn’t demoed on the biggest screen there.

Evolve gameplay

Oh yes, the podcast team have a special announcement. Because we’re journalists, we get to jump lines and play things early. So myself, Wesley Fick, Delano, Rick de Klerk and Chris Kemp will be getting together to play a podcast match of Evolve. You know, ’cause there’s five of us. We’ll draw straws to see who plays the monster, and discuss our time with the game later that day in our rAge podcast.

Until then, we’ll keep cranking out the newsies about the expo.