Good news, Sims fans: EA has just announced a set of free content updates coming over the next three months. Starting from today, the October update brings ghosts back to The Sims 4. When your beloved digital people peg, they can now come back as ghosts to haunt homes or simply move back in and carry on as if nothing’s happened. It’ll probably get totally awkward for those remaining Sims with mortal coils still firmly unshuffled. Your spooky Sims keep all their traits and remain controllable, but because they’re, well, dead, they get new abilities for you to muck around with. There’s also apparently a way to bring them back from the dead – so, you know, yay mad science experiments!

In addition to ghosts, the October update brings new eye colours and, we guess because it’s Halloween month or something, a set of Star Wars outfits for your Sims. So now you can dress your Sims up as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Yoda.


Then! Next month we’re getting pools back. Hooray! This caused a huge stink online when Maxis and EA revealed that pools had been cut from The Sims 4. The more pessimistic among us said that The Sims 4: Super Massive Extra Splashy Totally Awesome Pool Party Expansion Pack would be the first of seven trillion paid-for add-on packs. We’re guessing EA’s top dogs saw the vitriol and thought, “We’ll show those grumpy players that EA still has a heart! Give it to them for free!” At which point an entry level employee piped up to say, “‘Free’? But sir, we’ve never gone that low before!” And THEN the EA guy totally responds with, “There’s always a new low for this company. Make it so!”

And now we have pools again… for free. It’s like we don’t even know EA anymore.

Finally, in December, EA will release an update providing new career paths for your Sims. So while you go on holiday for the December festive season, you can cackle with glee as you push your Sims through a ton of new careers. How many is “a ton”? We don’t know. It might be one, two, three, or five trillion depending on how much caffeine Maxis developers have been imbibing of late.

Oh, there’s also something about gnomes coming to the game, but honestly it sounded a little sinister and played up on our fear of small people. Which, incidentally, is the reason Dane has a desk on his own on the other side of the NAG HQ offices.

Source: The Sims

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