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So you’re already aware that there will be some pretty sweet overclocking events happening during the rAge expo weekend, but that was only for our own events with Neo “ShockG” Sibeko and Andrew “dRweEZ” Roberts at the helm of some really, really expensive hardware and liquid nitrogen on tap, which is ridiculously cool and fun stuff to play with. But there are other overclocking events happening elsewhere in the dome as well, courtesy of Titan-Ice.

Titan-Ice Overclocking Demonstration with Warren “Tweak” Kramer

What’s going on here? Which day?  What times?
 Extreme overclockling with LN2 Friday, 10 October 2014  11:00 and 13:00
 Extreme overclockling with LN2  Saturday, 11 October 2014 11:00, 13:00 and 16:00
 Extreme overclockling with LN2  Sunday, 12 October 2014  12:00

Titan-Ice will be hosting the overclocking events and the man doing all the fun stuff with finger-freezing LN2 is Warren Kramer, better known as “Tweak Venetica”. Warren is part of the Below0 overclocking group along with Andrew “dRweEZ” Roberts, DeatMeat and SystemTech (I’m still not sure what the names of these fellows are). There are a number of overclocking groups based in South Africa, but very few with the same caliber of enthusiasts as these guys.

Warran is currently ranked on HWBot as #6 in the South African Nationals and also #6 in Team South Africa and if you recall the overclocking events held at rAge Expo back in 2011, the Below0 team was all there with ASUS doing some really mental stuff.

For the Titan-Ice demos, Warren will be kitted out with some fantastic toys like the Pentium G3258, some ASRock motherboards, a Core i7-4770K and some other select hardware that he’ll be picking out for his demonstrations. There’s no confirmation on whether there’ll be any demonstrations of Haswell-E or DDR4 overclocks or anything with the new Nvidia Maxwell cards, but there will definitely be some records broken during the expo next weekend.

Swing by Titan-Ice’s overclocking stand during 10-12 October and remember: Don’t touch the liquid nitrogen! Check out Warren’s video of the rAge 2011 overclocks below.


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