Guns guns GUNS! Wait, that’s another first-person shooter quote, isn’t it? (Super-flying-Internet-high-fives if you can say which one!) Far Cry 4 is out next month, and soon we’ll be tearing apart the picturesque Himalayan foothills and mountains. In order to do that we’ll need guns – lots of guns.

Luckily there’s a bloke called Longinus in the game who will supply you with all the teeth a predator could want. Also, he works in a really subversive church metaphor as he explains all the weapons he’s got to help you murder people with.

In a way, I’m getting flashes of Far Cry 2 from the weapons dealer; I liked that gameplay mechanic in the second game. Speaking of Far Cry 2, the mortar is back in Far Cry 4. Hooray! Now we can rain down explosive vengeance from a very safe distance. Hit the jump to watch all this irreverent fun for yourself. Far Cry 4 is out on 18 November.

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