Developer Nimblebit got a nasty surprise last week when their mobile game Star Wars: Tiny Death Star was removed from mobile stores. The removal was made by Disney Mobile, and they axed the game without notifying Nimblebit.

Tiny Death Star was a spin-off release from Nimblebit’s successful Tiny Tower. It wasn’t the only Star Wars related mobile game to be shut down by Disney: Star Wars Assault Team was also expunged from app stores. The move by Disney was, according to website Pocket Gamer’s sources, in order to allow Disney to focus on other Star Wars mobile titles.

Speaking to Kotaku about the sudden removal by Disney, Nimblebit’s Ian Marsh said, “Luckily we’ve stayed nimble enough that it shouldn’t have an immediate impact on the company.” The game was, however, a steady stream of income for the company, and with an active community playing the game, the sudden removal seems quite harsh.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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