“Science Wins,” at least according to Logitech and the company has been very busy of late doing a lot of science-ey things with their peripherals. Not only have they poured a lot of energy in their G-series product revamp, they’ve been getting on the ball with new mechanical kayboards and product designs and some awesome new mice and headsets. For rAge 2014, Logitech is using their time at the event to unveil some new products and at the end of it, I might have the chance to ask a few questions…

Naturally, I’m first going to grill Logitech’s Middle East and Africa Director Yusuf Atwan about when they’re bringing out new steering wheels. I’ve been on the fence about buying a Driving Force Pro for months, but the incompatiblities with current steering wheels on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One limit my options somewhat. Both consoles require a USB security chip in order for the device to function properly, so unless developers are accepting and interpreting raw input from any devices attached to the consoles, not much of anything gets registered or properly implemented.


But for yourselves, the fans, NAG Online readers young and old alike, you have your eyes on other things. Perhaps it’s a new set of speakers, or that ballin’ G402 Hyperion Fury, or even a tablet keyboard with kickstand. If you’ve got a question that you want me to try pose to Logitech, post them here in the comments section or in our forums and I’ll do my best to slip them in as I go. Logitech might have answers for all of them or none of them and I don’t think they’ll be answering any forward-looking questions, so try keep to something they might actually have an answer for.

Like, I don’t know, why don’t they make more than two friggin’ mouse mats?! Razer has the massive Goliathus Extended and Logitech doesn’t, yet they are rival brands. What gives?

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