rAge Expo is always a special place and a special time of the year for many reasons, the chief one being that you get to rub shoulders with a lot of people who work in the gaming industry, including professional gamers. International players come to rAge every now and then to talk about their teams, their exploits and themselves and this year Western Digital is bringing down Evil Genius jungler Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis to talk about League of Legends, his contribution to improving the game and what else he did in Cape Town other than trying to swim with sharks.

For my interview with Snoopeh, I’d like to pose him a couple of questions, but seeing as I’m not a fan of MOBAs and have no real interest in LoL beyond reporting on it occasionally and contemplating playing it because its free, I feel that it’s going to be a disservice to his fans, to Snoopeh himself and to you, dear NAGlings, to ask him silly questions.


So! You will get the chance to pose some questions that I’ll ask of Snoopeh. You can do this by submitting them in the comments section below or our forums and I’ll do my best to collect the ones I think he’ll be able to answer and bombard him with them. I get a really short interview with him so I’ll try not a drag it on with fan questions or my interrogation¬†of the Western Digital rep on when they’re bringing out a new WD Black 2 drive with 256GB of flash memory and what the hell they’re going to do as a hard drive manufacturer without their own SSD controller or flash factory.

I’ll try not to geek out and ruin everything. Leave your questions in the comments section below or in our forums!

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