When Irrational Games was folded by Ken Levine in February this year, only a handful of the staff members got to stay on to work on something new. The majority of Irrational’s members were on their own. Studio closures often result in ex-members forming their own companies, and in the case of Irrational Game’s closure, we’ve got two new development companies emerging from the ashes.

Day For Night Games is based in Boston and is comprised of ex-Irrational staff members and others who have worked on games like SWAT 4. They’re making a surreal narrative game called The Black Glove. It channels BioShock in its atmosphere, especially the more offbeat moments with NPCs like Sander Cohen.

Next up is the Cambridge (Massachusetts) based team called The Molasses Flood. This team has incorporated ex-members from Harmonix and Bungie. They describe themselves as “a company of AAA refugees”. They’re working on an isometric survival game called The Flame in the Flood. The game is set in a “post-societal America” that’s been flooded. You play as a survivor called Scout; she has a dog companion called Aesop. You’ll be maintaining your raft, scavenging, fending off wildlife and trying to survive the elements.

Both of these new games currently have Kickstarter campaigns. You can check out The Black Glove’s Kickstarter here. Its video is below.

If something less surreal and more post-apocalypse-ish is up your street, then check out The Flame in the Flood over here.

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