rAge 2014: What’s hot on the main stage


rAge Expo is only a few days away as I write this and I’m frantically making sure that things are all ready and working before the biggest gaming event of the year in South Africa kicks off. This year there’ll be the familiar stand and a lot of events will be happening there all day. Some of them will be repeated, others you need to be there for because it only happens once during the weekend, like the excellent Cosplay show and prize giving. You can look up the schedule after the jump and either save it to your phone or mobile device or consult the boards by the main stage which will also have the schedule printed. Don’t be late and don’t forget to swing by the NAG booth for some swag and magazine subscriptions!

Main Stage Schedule rAge Expo 2014

I definitely want to see some Project Cars (now called Smashfest) footage and discussion as well as see what Internet Solutions wants to talk about. It’ll probably be about home fiber connections that you can’t yet have in most parts of the country, but it’ll be interesting nonetheless. If you’re a 2K Games fan, the double-whammy of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Civilisation: Beyond Earth will definitely produce a lot of drool.

Speaking of drool, there’ll be that and many dropped jaws at the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt events. Its my most anticipated game of 2015 next to Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, so you’ll need to get there early to get a good view.