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I recently reported about what Nintendo is Nintendoing for rAge 2014, and now our secret media-insider information has confirmed to me what’ll be on show at the Microsoft stand. Hit the jump for more.

Confession time. The intro was an attempt at “read more” bait. Microsoft confirmed that there will be a lot of games to play at their stand, but they’re keeping most of them ultra-secret. That’s cool, surprises are nice. But this is a news article! So here’s what we’ve got:

First up is Sunset Overdrive, the quirky, wacky, third-person shooter from the creators of Ratchet & Clank. Set in an open world, players take their customised character on a tour of agility and destruction, ridding the streets of mutants and other monsters. It looks like this game took all the silly pills, and features fast-paced and acrobatic action, while using Insomniac’s signature of providing an arsenal of outrageous guns. It’s due in late October, and is exclusive to Xbox One.

Sunset Overdrive

Also confirmed for the stand is Forza Horizon 2. This should actually be out by now (exclusively to Xbox One) and should give expo-goers a good chance for some hands-on time. The game promises a much larger open world to drive in (it’s set in France and Italy), a dynamic weather system, and some improvements to make the game more social. There isn’t too much I can say about this, but it looks like a good sequel to a good game.

Forza Horizon 2

And lastly we have Dying Light. The spiritual successor to Dead Island, this has been on many radars for some time. It’s an open-world, first-person action game where you need to survive an outbreak of zombies using weapon crafting and a great-looking parkour-style movement system. So, Dead Island meets Mirrors Edge. Yeah, sounds cool.

Dying Light

So that’s what’s confirmed, but I have a few speculations about what else we can expect at the stand. Now bear in mind, these are not confirmed at all. I’m just filling up article space to ramble.

Given the Xbox One’s recent local launch, we may see one or two of its 2013 launch games such as Ryse, Killer Instinct or Forza 5. There is also a strong chance that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be playable. It’s nearing its November 14th release date, and I guess that some Halo multiplayer action might be set up. Quantum Break may also be there in some capacity, but I think only on the main stage.

Quantum Break

So until The Dome opens, that’s all we have for you. But we’ll keep piping out the news hot and fresh.

Hot. And fresh…

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