Unplug yourself

If you’ve read my earlier articles about Boardgames.co.za, you’ll remember that I kept on teasing a big announcement coming soon. Well the time is now, so hit the jump and read about Unplug Yourself, possibly the biggest thing to happen to SA’s tabletop gaming industry in years.

In many ways, the board games industry is its own worst enemy, carrying a stigma of last-resort entertainment that no amount of tie-in Monopoly games will ever fix. They also go hand-in-hand with that stupid pun not even I have stooped to using: “BORED games”.

But like the intro says, that may change soon. I’ve been in touch with three different tabletop gaming companies, and they are Voltron-ing together to revitalise the industry. They are Skycastle (lots of figurine-based games), Blowfish Entertainment (card games) and Boardgames.co.za (professional accounting, of course).

See, the industry has been improving, vastly. This year tabletop gaming will have a massive 120m² stand at rAge, and I hear they had a similar-sized stand last year (I was in Canada at the time). Over the course of the year, South Africa has clicked about how much fun tabletop gaming can be, and the Unplug Yourself campaign aims to get more people to try out this medium of entertainment. The three companies mentioned above will be announcing their future plans and collaboration to improve what they call “the tabletop gaming culture.

Despite what the name suggests, the campaign doesn’t treat itself as the opposition to video gaming. Skycastle’s director Eugene Vermeulen says, “It’s not a substitution for electronic gaming, but an addition.  I mean, lets face it, if you’re reading this it probably means you’re a gamer. Why not take that passion for gaming and branch out a little. I know I will. Moreover, the appeal of having your opponent in slapping range is too tempting to pass up on (talking to you Chris).

Unplug Yourself will be officially launched on Friday, October 10th and explained in greater detail throughout rAge. So be sure to swing by stand 34/34a to see what they have in store for the industry. There will be tabletop games to play, tournaments to participate in, free swag to be had, and the announcement of Half-Life 3 (unconfirmed, but you read it here first).

Oh, one more thing. You can find the official website here.

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