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Greeting NAGillians, and thank you for optimistically checking back for This Week In Gaming. I haven’t the time to do my usual rundown of the week’s events this Saturday as I’ll be spending all my time at rAge, but as a consolation I’ll be dumping a whole lot of videos below for your general enjoyment. Don’t go away though – check back all weekend for updates from the rAge floor, including interviews, first impressions and other neat stuff. And for now, check out all the latest videos that dropped this week.

We’ll kick things off with Quantum Break, Japanese style. This new clip shows a different take on some previous seen areas of the game, as well as a bit of never-before-seen stuff as well.

Next we check in with survival horror title The Evil Within, and a new video which offers you some tips on surviving. How kind.

Then we have crowd favourite Far Cry 4, Ubisoft’s latest entry into the hit franchise. Never ones to leave much to the imagination, this time Ubisoft takes you through the Kyrat Lowlands, part of a series that explores the various regions found in the game.

Next up is a game which I believe Rick will be talking about at some point – and a game neither of us can ever remember the name for – Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. No idea what it is? It’s a Wii U game, and here’s 3 minutes of gameplay.

What video collection would be complete without a Call of Duty video? This one has a look at some Kill Confirmed action; which I won’t watch because I’m trying to ignore the nagging voice in my head that’s telling me this time, THIS TIME, things will be different.

Of course it wouldn’t be fair to include Call of Duty without giving Battlefield it’s time in the spotlight as well. This is a multiplayer gameplay trailer, where EA tries desperately to prove that this isn’t in fact a reskinned Battlefield 4, scout’s honour.

Alright, alright, I’ll throw the Assassin’s Creed guys a bone as well. Here’s a Unity video, this one focusing on customization and co-op. Yawn. But some people are into that, so here ya go, peasants.

Right, that’s seven videos so I’m going to stop there because that’s my lucky number.

Okay, I lied just now, it’s not. I’m just incredibly lazy and frankly amazed I made it this far really.

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