While at rAge 2014 I got the chance to sit down with the Playstation Division General Manager of Sony Middle East and Africa, Robert Fisser. With a job title that long, the man must be a big deal. Hit the jump to see what he said.


Matt: “How long have you been involved with Sony? Just for interests sake.”

Robert: “I started working for them in 1997. Back then, they were recruiting in the backs of magazines and I mailed in my CV”

M: “And here you are.”

R: “Here I am, yes (laughs)”

M: “So, how do you feel about the PS4’s performance in the country? Are you happy with the sales?”

R: “Of course yes. Sales have performed well, and we’re very happy with the reception of the system.”

M: “Keeping with consoles, do you have a launch window for PlayStation TV?”

R: “We are still working it out, but definitely before the Christmas season.

M: “Do you have a price-range nailed down yet?”

R: “We are still finalising it, but we are hoping for about the R2000 region.

M: “Cool. Will it launch with a bundled controller?”

R: “Like I said, it’s still being finalised, but we are aiming to have a bundled controller. And three bundled game codes.”

M: “Which games?”

R: “That’s still a secret.”

M: “What can you tell me about PlayStation Now? Any launch window for South Africa?”

R: “Not yet. It’s still in beta, and we’re waiting to see how successful it turns out to be there.”

M: “What games are you excited to launch?”

R: “Well, The Order for one. And definitely¬†Singstar.”

M: “Ah yes, Singstar took me by surprise. I hadn’t been following it, and seeing how popular it is surprised me. What’s changed?”

R: “Well, for one you don’t need a microphone anymore. Now you can all sing in your smartphones. That would attract new players because the start-up cost is much lower.”


M: “I’m looking forward to Bloodborne too. It was the first game I played today. Anyway, are there any plans to bring Project Morpheus to the country?”

R: “Sorry, it’s still too early to tell.”

M: “No problem. Can we see any price cuts in the near future?”

R: “We can’t announce anything about that yet, it’s also still in discussions.”

M: “Another question, care to comment on the recent PS Plus price hikes? I imagine they took some users by surprise.”

R: “Yes, we looked at the subscription prices for other regions and found South African prices to be lower. We were just adjusting accordingly.”

M: “I understand. So, last question. When’s The Last Guardian coming out?”

R: “Ha ha ha! That question again. We still have nothing to announce about that.”


And that’s about where our interview trailed off into small talk. All in all, Fisser seemed hesitant to talk about those PS Plus hikes, but it was fun chatting to him. We’ll keep bringing you all the updates about Sony and what they’ve brought to the party. And you can expect my Bloodborne impressions soon.

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