Sunset Overdrive was recently likened to pinball, and while I can see the addicting relation, I disagree. I played the game for a while at rAge 2014, so hit the jump to see my opinion.

Sunset Overdrive 1

If a Tony Hawk game had guns and monsters, it would be Sunset Overdrive. This Xbox One exclusive is really really really trying hard to show exactly how much attitude it’s got, and just how whacky it can be. It succeeds, and the off-beat humour was loaded throughout the demo, but this is the biggest issue of the game.

It’s fun, in a way. The action  is too fast for the camera to keep up properly, and the constant enemies swarm you too fast to make aiming important. The demo also didn’t explain the controls properly either, and I never figured out how exactly to grind on the rails.

The game’s strongest suit is it’s arsenal. And in this regard it succeeds tremendously. The guns show a level of creative insanity that are typical of Insomniac Games, who also developed Ratchet and Clank and the Resistance series. Their creativity sadly doesn’t influence gameplay much because they’re either used for range, or crowd control.

Moving on to the above mentioned “biggest issue”, the inherent wackiness of the game gets grating before long. It’s like your character is trying too hard, and everything about him from his skinny-jeaned outfit to his awkward ragdoll-death animation is unlikable. True, characters will be customisable in the final game, but if what we’ve seen so far is indicative of the final game then most of the customisations will just look douchy.

Sunset Overdrive 2

So in conclusion, if you can look past the annoying humour, then you might enjoy this game. There’s definitely an appeal to blowing-up mutants sky-high, and the final game promises an open-world. If you have an Xbox, this could be a good addition.

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