Hey, you recognise this? I bet you do. Want something new? Too bad, that’s not how we do things in the Order.

So remember that The Order:1886 E3 video we posted a while back, where a couple of vaguely British Imperial gents and lady saved one of their own and fought off the poor and destitute with industrial weaponry?

Well, it was running at rAge, but those expecting anything new — for example, more about the more supernatural bestial force that has humanity on the ropes of extinction — will be disappointed to learn that it’s that exact same sequence that’s available for play, but at least I can attest to its graphic fidelity and give you a brief impression.

I gave The Order: 1886 its walking orders twice, (because I am a thorough games journalist and not because I died in a thoroughly mediocre fashion the first time round with Sir Galahad, the protagonist and player character within The Order.), and can confirm that the game is as fluid as it appears in the video. The use of the thermite rifle — which envelops an area with a fine mist of flammable dust which, when combined with your flare gun, alights in spectacular fashion — was a pyrotechnic spectacle.

While the weaponry was interesting, The Order: 1886 then devolved into a competent and pretty but largely unremarkable cover shooter, and the peasants human foes seem quite happy to engage you without any tactical consideration or sense of preservation. Sir Galahad, your character in this industrial-age version of the Knights of the Round, moves fluidly between points of defense, while your squad similarly benefits from the same excessive focus to detail and animation.

We’ve complained before when games leave little to the imagination prior to launch, but The Order: 1886’s guarded reveals are minimalist to the extreme, so hopefully the setting (a mix of industrial steam-punk and Arthurian legend) and the bestial monsters you’re up against bring a unique dynamic as yet unknown to the gameplay.

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