Developer Giant Spacekat’s head of development, Brianna Wu, is the latest female developer to fear for her life after horrific threats were sent to her via Twitter. Wu is now the third high-profile female developer to become a victim of the misogynistic elements that pervade the GamerGate movement. Prior to Wu fleeing her home, developer Zoe Quinn and video game commentator Anita Sarkeesian experienced similar online harassment in response to their work and because they have vaginas.

On Saturday, Wu received a barrage of particularly graphic threats, which prompted her to call the police. Prior to the threats she had been sharing images that critiqued the whole GamerGate movement. Shortly after threats of rape and murder had been issued, Wu reported the incident to the police, and she and her husband fled their home; the person issuing the threats had published Wu’s home address.

Wu has since been in contact with the FBI as well as the Boston police department.

Giant Spacekat is the development team behind iOS game Revolution 60.

Source: Polygon

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